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Interview with Julia Simonetti creator of BodyFit ® discipline

BodyFit ® is on the market since 2010 and was the first to introduce in fitness the concept of functional training. The creator, Giulia Simonetti, talks about her format.

How did you get  BodyFit ® idea?
BodyFit ® is created observing the movements of our body during our day.
We often injured by taking the bag, or coming down from the car seat. These annoyances are considered temporary and are often overlooked until they start to become chronic and become an integral part of our life.
If we add a "social framework" where the stress and the subsequent somatization of negative emotions are the order of the day, it is easy to understand how the phenomenon of pains related to erectile muscle - skeletal body is disseminated.

What characterizes BodyFit ®?
The action of BodyFit ® is important  for people to know their  body, to perceive and empower every move. Each exercise is designed so that it runs perfectly, first individually, and then coordinating it with other movements respecting the harmony and alignment of the body segments.
BodyFit ®performs to its full potential at work of muscular chains fundamental since they create a reality of the postural pattern processed by the brain.
A good postural balance is the result of a good balance between the various muscle chains.

How do you place  BodyFit ® in fitness?
There are several programs in the national and international offering between their different methods of functional training, but BodyFit ®, Functional Fitness, was the first format. It’s a unique method and characteristics. It’s one of the most simple, safe and effective training programs oriented at functional wellness, based on the knowledge of the potential of our body without the use of equipment or machinery to which to relate, a workout geared to the movement, so that trains all functionality of the body, away from the control of posture, and improving agility, coordination, strength, reactivity, balance, flexibility, as well as performing at the same time work on toning all muscle groups.

What is the use to practice BodyFit ®?
BodyFit ® will appeal to any age group as it only uses his own body as the main tool.
BodyFit ® has in its DNA  the characteristic of being flexible. With backing tracks, variable intensity, you can speed up your metabolism by changing the intensity of training according to age and constitutional features of the class.

BodyFit ® can also be understood as prevention?
BodyFit ® is especially prevention. In addition to improving the quality of life of people already suffering from problems caused by poor posture, discipline plays a major role in injury prevention.
Doctor Riccardo Torquati, physiotherapist league's official referees to Serie A, gave full recognition to the functionality of the format.

Where can I try BodyFit ®?
On the website,, you will find the present centers of Rome and beyond. We are giving life to an important project that is slowly involving different parts of Italy. Over 50 trainers were trained. There are many official centers and pilot not only in gyms but also in health and beauty centers. Functional training is the future of fitness.

What projects are you working on?
We are heading to the beautiful season ... what better opportunity to stay with nature?
For this reason that I'm studying on 2 projects: BodyFit ® nature and BodyFit ® over age. The first, played outdoors, reconciles us with the natural elements, while the second aims to donate a better condition of life at old people to improve their quality of life. We often forget about them, and in 2013 a company must not allow such a thing.

Just to finish Giulia... what is your life's philosophy?
Take life with a smile and make things difficult simple, affordable for everyone. I love the simplicity in all its aspects, and I love being with people listening to their needs trying to give them a high quality service topped with a beautiful smile off!
We are waiting for you at one of the BodyFit ®' centers!

Giulia Simonetti / MasterTrainer
Tel 335 8170036

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